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Flossenburg Concentration Camp - I -

Flossenbürg is a municipality in the district of Neustadt an der Waldnaab in Bavaria in Germany. The state-approved leisure area is located in the Bavarian Forest and borders the Czech Republic in the east. During World War II, the Flossenbürg concentration camp was located here. (Information Source - http://en.inforapid.org/index.php?search=Flossenburg )

Konzentrationslager Flossenbürg was a Nazi concentration camp built in May, 3 1938 by the Schutzstaffel (SS) Economic-Administrative Main Office at Flossenbürg, in the Oberpfalz region of Bavaria, Germany, near the border with Czechoslovakia. Until its liberation in April 1945, more than 96,000 prisoners passed through the camp. About 30,000 died there. Before World War II, Flossenbürg was a men's camp primarily for "antisocial" or "criminal" prisoners. The camp's site was chosen so that the inmates could be used as slave labor to quarry the granite found in the nearby hills.The quarries belonged to the SS-owned and -operated German Earth and Stone Works (DEST) company. (Information Source - http://en.inforapid.org/index.php?search=Flossenburg )

Former SS Headquarters at Flossenburg

During World War II, most of the inmates sent to Flossenbürg, or to one of about 100 sub-camps, came from the German-occupied eastern territories. The inmates in Flossenbürg were housed in 16 huge wooden barracks, its crematorium was built in a valley straight outside the camp. In September 1939, the SS transferred 1,000 political prisoners to Flossenbürg from Dachau. In 1941 to 1942, about 1,500 Polish prisoners, mostly members of the Polish resistance, were deported to Flossenbürg. In July 1941, SS guards shot 40 Polish prisoners at the SS firing range outside the Flossenbürg concentration camp. Between February and September 1941 the SS executed about one-third of the Polish political prisoners deported to Flossenbürg. (Information Source - http://en.inforapid.org/index.php?search=Flossenburg )

 Map of Flossenburg Concentration Camp

 Watch Tower at Flossenburg

 Exhibition Konzentrationslager Flossenbürg 

 Laundry at Flossenburg

 Roll Call Ground (in background - Former SS Headquarters) at Flossenburg

 Prisoner's Kitchen at Flossenburg 

  Watch Tower at Flossenburg

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