marți, 21 noiembrie 2017

«Un bărbat pentru Sara» - «Getting Sara Married»

Andi Vasluianu, Emilia Popescu, Diana Cavaliotti, Andreea Vasile, Constantin Cotimanis, 
«Un bărbat pentru Sara»
a play written by Sam Bobrick
Original title: «Getting Sara Married»
Directed by: Claudiu Goga 
Scenography: Ioana & Radu Corciova
Producer:: Mișu Predescu

Sara Hastings is an unmarried lawyer in her mid-thirties, much too busy to get involved in romance. Her Aunt Martha has decided to take matters into her own hands and find her a husband...

marți, 14 noiembrie 2017

... the illegal passenger in the car...

luni, 13 noiembrie 2017

Autumn is here...

Hello Fall!

miercuri, 8 noiembrie 2017

The midweek energy boost...

marți, 7 noiembrie 2017

...a gate to another dimension... the Big Square - Sibiu

luni, 6 noiembrie 2017

Looking into others’ windows...

vineri, 3 noiembrie 2017

Let's go outside! Let's go back to Nature!

joi, 2 noiembrie 2017

Mini Graffiti Eggplant

miercuri, 1 noiembrie 2017

Still sunshine in the oldest medieval square in Sibiu - Hermannstadt

Dragoner Square it was formed in the 12th-13th centuries.
Today buildings in the Square are more recent being dated in the 15th,16th, 18th and 19th centuries

marți, 31 octombrie 2017

Gheorghe Lazar, The Halloween and a couple of hipsters

luni, 30 octombrie 2017

You, asshole, YOU caused it!

miercuri, 25 octombrie 2017

The midweek energy boost: Chicken Pie

marți, 24 octombrie 2017

Picturesque nature

joi, 19 octombrie 2017

...setup for Thursday...

miercuri, 18 octombrie 2017

Colors for this week...

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