joi, 27 iulie 2017

Jumbo sandwich!

 Warning! Eat responsibly!

miercuri, 26 iulie 2017


marți, 25 iulie 2017

Prosecco at Street Food Festival

luni, 24 iulie 2017

Street Food Festival -IV-

vineri, 21 iulie 2017

The weekend planning committee

joi, 20 iulie 2017

The midweek energy boost...

at The Street Food Festival 

miercuri, 19 iulie 2017

Street Food Festival -III-

vineri, 14 iulie 2017

The weekend is here! Ba dum tss!

joi, 13 iulie 2017

Street Food Festival -II-

Choose smart!

miercuri, 12 iulie 2017

Amalia Gaita

I shoot, I sing, I write, I am Amalia Gaita."

If you want to know more about Amalia, click here!

marți, 11 iulie 2017

Street Food Festival -I-

miercuri, 5 iulie 2017

The egg festival on my plate!

marți, 4 iulie 2017

... at clock tower in the evening hours...

vineri, 30 iunie 2017

Get ready for a (hot) weekend!

marți, 27 iunie 2017

It's a new addiction: addiction to food?

I don't think so... It's just a process addiction... so it can be solved by (self) education!

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