vineri, 19 mai 2017

I'll go...

joi, 18 mai 2017

My Little Lady...

... the fantastic miniature Phalaenopsis Orchid has bloomed!

miercuri, 17 mai 2017

Historical monument... in mint condition

marți, 16 mai 2017

... a single step... in the right direction...

That's the right start for a journey of a thousand miles ...

luni, 15 mai 2017

The latest star of my flat garden

The mighty Basil aka the King of  Herbs...

vineri, 12 mai 2017

All Inclusive


Medeea Marinescu, Marius Manole, Mirela Oprişor, Vlad Zamfirescu & Diana Roman

a play written by Alexandru Popa
Directed by: Vlad Zamfirescu

miercuri, 10 mai 2017

The midweek energy boost...

Fried eggs with bear’s garlic... and parsley

luni, 8 mai 2017

Looking at another world...

vineri, 5 mai 2017

... plant-tastic: a fire in a flower!

vineri, 28 aprilie 2017

...maybe we're just yellow flowers. ...

We are dust and to dust return. In the end we're neither air, nor fire, nor water,  just dirt, neither more nor less,  just dirt, and maybe some yellow flowers.

marți, 25 aprilie 2017

Whole lotta roses

luni, 24 aprilie 2017

Arctotis - African Daisy

joi, 13 aprilie 2017

The latest raw vegan craze...

... renders the cooker into an art deco exhibit

marți, 11 aprilie 2017

Not to be missed in your wanderings... -II-

luni, 10 aprilie 2017

Canine perspective

Could have been a lion in a previous life...

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