duminică, 30 decembrie 2018

The Nutcracker at the National Opera Bucharest

The Nutcracker by Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski

Spărgătorul de nuci  -  Piotr Ilici Ceaikovski

vineri, 14 septembrie 2018

... a little purple in the Indian Summer...

marți, 31 iulie 2018

...no risk of sunburn in July!

joi, 28 iunie 2018

Don't forget in the exams fever: Non scholae sed vitae!

luni, 21 mai 2018

The first steps in the unknown... in life!

miercuri, 25 aprilie 2018

WTF is going on? Is it April or August?

joi, 8 martie 2018

Happy Birthday, Woman!

miercuri, 14 februarie 2018

Valentine's Day - detail

luni, 1 ianuarie 2018

...instead of snow...

Happy New Year 2018 !

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