vineri, 31 martie 2017

miercuri, 29 martie 2017

Lucky Watermill Lodge - Ohaba, Făgăraș -III-

     The name of the pension is not entirely accidental. The owner – a person very welcoming person – it's is part of the fourth generation and go further carries on the family tradition. 
     Obaha Watermill Lodge Ohaba dating dates from 1873.
     It was has always been private property. but In 1962, the current owner's grandfather did not give to allow the communists to take over the property; because of this he was imprisoned for many years.  
     The only source of energy used by the mill is the water flow. who put in The rotating motion of the big wheel and working on the is transmitted by means of straps and wooden rollers.
     The pieces are original and date back to 1873. Grinding is done with by two millstones, one of which one is fixed and while the other is mobile-which spins and crushes the grains.

     The stones are were manufactured at in Lyon in 1873 and are original - there were have never been changed replaced. Repair makes himself The maintenance work is done by the owner, of using special hammers to maintenance the ridges which are essential to grind the grains.

     The huge belts are made of textured rubber. A huge screw up and down raises and lowers the mobile stone by stone furniture set with respect to the fixed stone; the desired granulation of the finished product is obtained based depends on the distance between the stones.

     Because of the separator, Thanks to a special sieve, the same mill can not only grind not only maize for hominy human consumption and for animals, but also for whole grain wheat to obtain three ways different types of flour. 

The products can be purchased by those staying at the pension and also by visitors.

luni, 27 martie 2017

Amazing nature! Today: the cherry blossoms!

vineri, 24 martie 2017

Contemplating the next move...

...where shall we go this weekend?...

miercuri, 22 martie 2017

The midweek energy boost...

...eggs with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, salt and parsley...

joi, 16 martie 2017

Galanthus nivalis aka Snowdrop

miercuri, 15 martie 2017

The midweek energy boost...

Mountain specialities: smoked cheese and berry syrup

marți, 14 martie 2017

Trying to outsmart of the competition... declaring yourself smart!

luni, 13 martie 2017

Ioan - bagels with soul... really?

vineri, 10 martie 2017

Love for life... - XXXVII -

marți, 7 martie 2017

Blossoming a bit too early...

luni, 6 martie 2017

House Blessing

House Blessing
Where there is faith, there is love;
Where there is love, there is peace;
Where there is peace, there is blessing;
Where there is blessing, there is God;
Where there is God, there is no destitution! 

Cave Monastery - Şinca Veche

miercuri, 1 martie 2017

Strangers in the Night

Florin Piersic & Medeea Marinescu
"Strangers in the Night" 
 a play written by Eric Assous
Original title: "Les montagnes russes"
Translation: Radu Beligan & Liviu Dorneanu
Directed by: Radu Beligan

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